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  • October 29, 2018
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With the expertise of Andy Austin, CEO of Dobson Lyle, Justin Rose & Mark “Fooch” Fulcher have created one of most successful and enduring partnerships in international sport.

Justin & Fooch teamed up in 2008, and through implementing the strategies given to them by Dobson Lyle’s Personal DNA Profiling approach they have seen Justin rise from a rank of 72nd to becoming World No.1. Along the way they have won the US Open, Olympic Gold Medal, and been major contributors in multiple Ryder Cups.

As Andy Austin comments, “In 2008, I created the template for their ideal relationship, profiling and coaching Justin and Fooch both individually and together, utilising our unique profiling methodology to coach a better understanding of each other. In doing so we established one of the ultimate productive partnerships in sport.

Golf is unlike any other game: Success may ultimately be down to the skills and abilities of the player, but the support of the caddy is vital and often underestimated.”

“As in every facet of life, our intellect and our gifts may be necessary for success but are not sufficient to achieve it. It is not what you have but what you do with what you have that makes the difference. Attitude to, and application of your brains and abilities are the real building blocks of a true a champion.

Supporting these two fundamentals through our unrivalled insight into his player’s psyche helped Fooch create the right environment and support to ensure Justin’s success.”