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  • October 10, 2018
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Does not always guarantee success

All of our clients drive their businesses forward by recruiting candidates using our profiling reports to ensure as near as possible a perfect fit for their requirements. For those who think that recruitment is just a matter of finding candidates with exceptional resumes.

Our client a large Middle East group needed a new operations director and working in partnership with the headhunter we identified a very impressive candidate, with a resume to die for, having worked successfully for many of the worlds top companies. The client and candidate were delighted. Job done then…………..

Until our profiling report indicated that the candidate’s usual style of making decisions was thoughtful and reflective, always weighing up consequences and both sides of issues, in short he needed ample time to consider options before making decisions. Something that had served him well in previous positions.

However we became aware that the expectation and modus operandi of the job was to review in monthly meetings at the corporate offices with the operating units and the groups CEO, performance and issues where the candidate would be expected to make rapid and important decision there and then.

Having discussed with the candidate his profile and explored his decision making style and whether he would be successful in the job he quickly decided that accepting the job would be bad for both parties and withdrew. The issues of making those rapid decisions did not at all appeal.

The principle in operation here is that to be successful in any job is 80% attitude, aptitude and focus and unless that is explored in detail recruitment will remain a lottery.