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  • October 10, 2018
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Our work commitment in sport is growing all the time and as a result we now intend to publish two books one of which will focus purely on the mental and emotional aspects of great sports men and women. Research for this publication is now under way and will, we hope, be a great insight, inspiration and help to future generations of sporting talent, enabling them to reach their true potential.

Andrew Austin, October 2018.

Update November 2018: Following a prolonged period of illness, the book has slipped by 2 years. We now hope to publish in the spring.

Andrew Austin and Robert DeFilippis are co-authoring a unique book that will truly help future generations maximise their full potential.
By utilising Personal DNA Profiling (A unique behavioral science in the area of human performance technology) we will discover what it is that leads to great achievement by profiling individuals who, by reputation, have achieved the ultimate in success within their chosen discipline. This will, to some extent, be a self-help book allowing the reader to compare some of his or her makeup to that of people who have already achieved greatness.

Those already profiled or who have agreed to participate include:-

It is anticipated that the book will be published in mid to late 2014.
We will keep you updated as things progress