But you have to fully understand what interests and energies you

We were approached by a successful but unhappy Partner in a UK professional services firm for help with her Career. Initially she had been delighted to become a Partner but the volume of work and its repetitive nature was putting a heavy strain on her personal life.

As a result she felt tired, stressed, lacking in energy and uncomfortable in her new role as a partner and believed she had taken a wrong turn in life.
Interestingly, from our perspective, we initially discovered that she was a talented part-time instrumentalist with an amateur orchestra and was considering a business and administrative role with a regional professional orchestra.

Unsurprisingly our Personal DNA reports showed that she had an extremely strongly musical interest; and there is little doubt that, had she consciously known that and received good advice at the start of his career, she would have become a musician.

Having gained a detailed conscious understanding of herself, and coaching of both herself and her supportive husband she moved to become a musician, undertaking 9 months of intensive instrumental training with a music “master” school in Europe. She and her husband now live in continental Europe, where she has secured a good instrumental role with a well-known professional regional orchestra; and her husband continues in his European Sales Management role.

The principle at work here is that iif social standing and money are of no consequence to you, always have a job that corresponds to your top interests.
We see many clients who are not conscious of their top interests many believing their interests to be no more special than many other people in society