Can produce a performance level not previous seen

A small technology company had failed to secure VC funding following concerns about the strength of leadership, team structure as well as a lack of products synergy and future strategy.The company’s Managing Director asked us help.

We provided leadership coaching, help the team gain a better understanding of them selves and to create a winning team. The stated intention was to approach VCs again from a position of strength.

Our Personal DNA reports enabled us to conduct the sessions that were necessary to build a first class team. It included leadership coaching for the MD, individual feed back and coaching to all team members personality, plus group workshops.

As a result a Director was replaced and we ensured that the company was able to find the right person to remedy a significant Sales and Marketing leadership weakness. Subsequently the re-energised leadership team produced, with our facilitation, a products/services and strategy review that led to a new creativity and innovation programme within the organisation.
An unexpected outcome for the team (but less so for us, as we had experienced similar outcome before) was that the company, now in a much stronger position to seek VC funding, chose not to do so; in favour of a new sales-led organic growth. The whole process of building a winning team had developed an entirely new product range that created a step-change in a niche marketplace; which is now being exploited.

The principle at work here is that when team members understand their role within the organisation and how they interact with other people, performance increases significantly.